Welcome to Mark Of The Fool, an artistic fashion based storyline constructed under the premise of a fantasy novel. The story is based on two friends falling in love, and becoming separated by fate. With their love now split between two worlds, The FOOL(protagonist) must now travel through Limbo to retrieve her. On his journey they shall both encounter other inhabitants. The BEAST, the QUEEN, the DEVIL, and the GOD. Each with lessons and challenges that our heroes must face.

M.O.T.F is an art-design website showcasing the art and styles of Travis McCoy, creator of the brand.

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About Me

My name is Travis McCoy. I am a self-taught illustrator living in Columbus, Ohio. Being an artist has always been a dream of mine. In my childhood, art was a fun hobby, and I always enjoyed experimenting with different styles. As I got older I began working in different mediums, such as watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, and graphic illustration. Utilizing these materials has taken my work to the next level.

To me, art is the freedom we seek from the real world. Art allows us to explore another part of our minds and even learn new things about ourselves. Creativity has opened my eyes to a lot of beautiful things in this world, from nature to architecture, and even the human body. The smallest details are important, but in some cases detail isn’t important at all. It’s about what the art means to you, and how the image relates to other people which makes it beautiful.

My art is a collective of these ideals.All my work is different in many ways. My art is a combination of surrealism and animation. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and mediums when I work. I’ve found these techniques to be helpful when expressing my ideas. For me, art is about growth, experimentation, and understanding. It is through my work, that I wish to communicate to my audience, and share more about myself.